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Known in Australia as the Guru of the Gurus of Spa, Kirien Withers has driven the development of the Spa Industry in Australia from day one.

As founder of the first generic beauty publications in Australia in 1993, publications which still direct that sector, Kirien discovered the spa movement in the USA and began a long campaign to see the industry blossom in Australia and New Zealand.

Some 13 years on and the industry is now in healthy adolescence!

kirien withers

Kirien has more information on the Australasian spa sector than any other individual or organisation in the region. She began publishing the Spa Australasia magazine in late 1999 to provide a vehicle by which to educate the new born industry on every aspect of spa development.

Spa development and operational knowledge in Australia was practically non-existent in the early days so Kirien had to research well to be able to provide and write the information that the industry needed to grow healthy spa businesses. Hence her understanding of the spa environment spans the greater international picture to the most minute spa operational detail.

Over the years Kirien has developed a strong network of associates. Highly professional specialists who share her passion for Spa. From a consulting perspective Kirien's own experience is supported by some of the best in the business. When Kirien doesn't know the answer - her consulting associates do.

Founder / Editor / Advertising Manager - Professional Beauty Magazine & Beauty Trade Guide (1993 - 1999)

Founder / Publisher / Editor / Advertising Manager - Spa Australasia Magazine (1999 - 2001)

Editor / Advertising Manager - Spa Australasia magazine (Current)

Director - Spa Guru Consulting - spa industry consulting service incorporating, as associates, the best spa expertise in Australia including Architects, Hydraulic Engineers, Operations Consultants and Trainers. (2000 - current)

President / Spa Industry & Media Coordinator - Australasian Spa Association (2000 - 2003)

 Media Liaison - Board of Directors' (ASPA) 2003-2008

 Managing Editor 2005 - 2008 - Spa Life Magazine – Consumer magazine for the Spa & Wellness Lifestyle

Today she is involved in:

consulting to spas in development

advising spa product and equipment manufacturers and distributors

advising and writing for media on the spa industry

working with education providers to establish appropriate education for spa therapists and spa management

assists with recruitment and placement throughout the industry

generally the industry Girl Friday.

She considers her specialties as:

development of the client's spa vision for maximum profitability and longevity.

the development of appropriate and innovative concept and design to suit the location, corporate culture and target demographic

her pivotal position, networks and level of respect within the industry, enabling the cost effective sourcing or custom creation of the best available and most appropriate features, equipment and products.

ability to assist in the sourcing and training of staff and ensuring appropriate expertise for the establishing of management systems.

highly informed and focused international and national perspectives from the macro to the micro.

Full list of services provided by Kirien and/or her associates:

Assistance in sourcing total project management

Development of Spa Vision and Concept for unique appeal, maximum profit and longevity including specialist aqua therapy features.

Design of Spa for ultimate client experience and ideal traffic flow. Our Spa Specialist architect is able to provide specialist knowledge to assist your project architects or to undertake the entire project if required.

Building / renovation project management.

Specialist hydraulic engineering, water management and aqua therapy plumbing and electricals.

Water quality solutions.

Assistance with environmental, ecological, indigenous ethical and cultural considerations.

Interior design advice and fit out.

Sourcing of equipment locally or internationally and / or design of custom equipment and assistance with management of manufacture.

Selection of therapy and retail products for results, ease of use, cost effectiveness, marketability and highest retail profits. Custom manufacture assistance as required.

Selection of services, therapies and menu design drawing from global options with assistance in sourcing appropriate experience and training.

Sourcing of general supplies.

Establishment of operational management systems and protocols, financial projections and budgets.

Assistance with human resources - sourcing staff and training. Marketing and public relations.

Ongoing review, trouble shooting and evolution.


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